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Digital signage is the use of digital displays to deliver rich media content to a public audience. Each display is connected to the network via media players and can show anything like text, pictures, videos and multimedia presentations. Digital signage maximizes the impact of your message and allows you to reach your audience more effectively and profitably

Primary Benefits of Digital Signage/Menu Boards for Restaurants and QSR Locations

  • Ease of menu changes to accommodate new local, state, federal & international menu board regulations regarding ingredients
  • Ease of menu changes for new items, pricing, sold-out items, etc
  • Up-sell & promote new items with strategic integration of dynamic displays
  • Day-part scheduling to show different menus based on time of day/day of week
  • Remotely update menu from any Internet location. (Central control of content)
  • Enhances the customer experience & helps reduce perceived wait times
  • Ensures a visual consistency & compliance across multiple locations.
  • Display emergency messaging
  • Incorporate live info-tainment to entertain & inform guests in dining areas
  • Green Friendly. No repeated reprinting of menus
  • Use as in-house training for staff during off hours
  • Incorporate HR, upcoming events, specials and other customer targeted messaging
  • Cost-effective promotions.
  • Eliminate recurring costs associated with printing and shipping of static materials.

Following are few of the categories where digital signage can be used: