Digital Signage for Hospitality

Hotels are a transition point for visitors, so their customers are a ready and willing audience for information about the locale. Many hotel managers are taking advantage of this to forge partnerships with local businesses and incorporate more advertising into their digital promotions.

Rather than being obtrusive, digital signage makes this informative and fun. For example, if a guest is hungry, they can access an interactive directory of local restaurants and narrow their selection down by cuisine, price or location — just as they would on Yelp or similar websites, except now their choices are personally curated for them.

Aside from that, digital hotel signage can also:

  • Improve visitor familiarity with hotel premises and local neighbourhoods.
  • Highlight luxury amenities such as top-level suites, spa facilities etc.
  • Become an advertising platform for local businesses.

There has been a growing trend of installing digital display systems in hotel lobbies. More and more hotels have seen the impact of digital signage on the guest experience.