interactive digiboards

Interactive Digital Signage / Touch Screen Displays

The ability to interact with digital displays has quickly become part of our lives, and that interaction includes much more than most people realize. Technology is fast evolving, and it surrounds us every day — so much so that consumers now expect to not only see digital solutions everywhere, but to interact with them. Retailers need to embrace this digital evolution starting now. Creating an interactive customer experience doesn’t just benefit brands, retailers, restaurants, etc. by appealing to shoppers, it also provides analytics that can be critical to optimizing the reach and impact of their message.

Shopping is just the worst at any time of year, let alone over the Christmas period. But digital signage can distract, entertain and educate shoppers to make their experience as merry as possible. Retailers, you have the opportunity to provide shoppers what they want, an engaging experience that empowers them and allows them to drive their own in-store experience (plus stand out in the busy Christmas crowd) with digital signage.

The explosion of networked devices commonly referred to as the Internet of Things is fuelling an explosive evolution in information technologies; what does it mean for digital signage? In a new-breed of kiosks, digital signage acts as a virtual salesperson; using touch-screen interactivity, customers can learn about products being sold and make purchasing decisions on the spot.
The following videos are showing the future of interactivity in the next years