The good old menu cards/posters or the traditional backlit restaurant menu boards are now obsolete, boring to look at, challenging to read and maintain. With the falling prices of LEDs and Flat Panel Displays, Restaurant Menu Boards and Signs are a much more cost-effective solution. Save the cost and hassle of printing, shipping and installing static menu boards !

Add some zing to the ambience of your restaurant and communicate with your customers in style. Imagine animated and changing menu, info on local time, weather and even news. You can change the menu items and price list anywhere, anytime… and you dont have to be a tech genius to do that!

Digital signage means using digital displays to deliver rich media content to a public audience. Each display is connected to the network via media players and can show anything from corporate communications to video and multimedia presentations. No other medium allows you to deliver dynamic content on the right location, on the right time, targeted on the right audience. Digital signage maximizes the impact of your message and allows you to reach your audience more effectively and profitably. That is why digital signage has a far higher impact than static media, like digital menu boards or billboards. In a way, digital signage is the successor of traditional media such as these. That is the reason why digital signage is emerging more and more in a variety of markets.

In short you will need the following: a network, digital signage software for managing your content, a computer to run your digital signage software on, digital signage players for content playback, a digital display and (above all) persuasive content. Digital Signage can be used in hotels, banking, corporate- and educational campuses, shopping centers, real estate agencies, recruiting agencies, retail outlets and many other places

Why use digital signage?
Digital signage is all about targeting your audience with relevant information. Using network connected digital signs, it allows you to get your message across effectively, conveniently, distrinctively – and profitably.

Benefits of using digital signage compared to traditional media
Digital signage enables users to display their messages more dynamically and targeted. In today`s media cluttered environment dynamic images are more appealing – and can convey considerably more information – than static ones can. Each display, connected to the network via media players, can convey different messaging. It allows you to tune your message to your audience. Making your message more relevant and enabling you to communicate with the public in the most targeted way.